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October brings on the spookiness vibe for everyone. Doesn’t it?

The air is crisper, leaves are falling and things just start to take on that magical, mystical feel. Which leads us right into the thankful season and then onto the even more magical season of Christmas. October is like the prequel into a the world of magical little blessings. That may be a weird view of trying to connect the two, but hey it’s that kind of season.

At any rate, here we are in the middle of October and there’s so much going on that I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll start with the most exciting news. M.L. Bullock and I are releasing The Ghost Mirror: Book Four of the Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things series.

Another paranormal storm brews over Mobile’s most terrifying antique shop–Devecheaux Antiques!

Aggie gets a cryptic message from her sister, Patrice but nothing could have prepared her for the chilling events that were about to unfold. Patrice has fallen for Philip Arnaud, a man whom Aggie suspects has lived before. Once Aggie makes contact with a strange mirror, she sees the true story. The ghost of a long-dead princess is attached to the mirror.

And she wants to live again!

When Patrice and the silver Hawkins mirror disappear from Devecheaux Antiques, the Devecheauxs, Aggie and Phoenix do their best to save her before it is too late.

Can it be that the Hawkins mirror has the power to bring back the dead? Is it a portal?

Is Philip Arnaud a true supernatural being?

What will it take to break the hold Philip has over Patrice? Luckily, Phoenix has a contact that is familiar with Philip Arnaud but will it be enough to keep Philip at bay, or will Patrice be lost forever?

You can preorder it here.

I also released A Haunting in Magnolia: Book Two of the Magnolia series, finally. It only took me a year to get it finished.

The small town of Magnolia is hiding more secrets than Shelley Stewart and her friends ever expected. A paranormal awakening leads the women into an investigation of a missing person and exposes an unexpected supernatural ally.

Who is haunting Jane Gates and her daughter, Faye? Is an unsolved murder connected to Jane’s house causing all the paranormal events, or is it something much more sinister?

What other secrets is Magnolia hiding?

You can purchase that book here.

In other non-book news…I will be going on my first paranormal investigation at the end of this month with the Searchers group. You can find out more information about them and all of their events by going to their Facebook page.

Until next time!

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Well…I finally made it back on set. It was volunteer and I was background, but that doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is that I got the courage up to get myself back out there and find a set to be on. I enjoy being on set and learning about the process of making movies. I’m not even sure what the movie is about exactly, but what I do know is that it is a horror comedy set in the 1970’s. Which sounds very intriguing to me. It was fun dressing up in that era in a vintage dress that belonged to my great-grandmother and wearing her shoulder wrap as part of the vintage ensemble. It’s not the first time that I’ve been able to take a little piece of an ancestor with me on set (that sounded creepier than what I meant for it to). What I mean is that the first set that I was ever on I played dress up in 1940’s attire and my mom let me borrow my other great-grandmother’s hat. You can sorta see it in the courtroom scene in USS Indianapolis starring Nicolas Cage, just don’t blink because you’ll definitely miss it. Well, that’s if you can even see it. The courtroom spectators are blurred, but hey I know that I’m there and that’s what matters, right?

My dream would be to write a script and be apart of being behind the camera. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being in front of the camera, but to be able to cast the characters that have lived inside of your head and see your vision come to life, now that would be an amazing experience. When I write, I do think about who would play these characters that I’m writing. What they would look like or how they would sound. I can see them clearly in my mind’s eye as I put their words on the pages in my books.

I always go back and forth with the acting thing. It’s hard being someone that just happened to fall into that world. I had no training, no experience and really no idea that I would ever start on that journey. I mean every little kid dreams of being up on the movie screen or being on stage in a play and becoming some big well known movie star. Don’t they? The reality is that I never thought about that after growing up. Never dreamed that I would ever be an actor. I’m an introvert naturally. I don’t go looking to be out in front of people. It’s funny though, I don’t mind being on stage or having a camera crew in my face. It feels natural. Not that I don’t ever get nervous performing, because trust me, I do. My hands shake when I’m trying to perform hula, which as you can imagine is not a good thing.

Acting is different though.

I can become someone else and then the nerves aren’t as prevalent. It’s not me on stage, it’s the character.

We always try to create dream boards at the beginning of the year. This year, I didn’t make a physical dream board, but in my head I thought how cool it would be to become a character actor. I’ll never be a leading lady and I really don’t want to be. I’d rather be in full alien make up, barely recognizable or some Day of the Dead zombie. The dream board for me this year included being in a Marvel movie. Being background or that character that comes on scene for a just one line would be an awesome experience in one of those huge productions.

Well, enough ramblings.

I wanted to let y’all know that the third book of the Devecheaux series is out and you can order now in paperback and ebook! The reviews are coming in and people are saying that this one is the best yet!

You can order here.

Until next time,

A. E.

Is 2020 over yet?


I have personally been on a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m ready to get off and not get back on the sucker. I really don’t like rollercoasters any more, by the way. I used to like them when I was younger and more carefree, but now that I’m in my forties I like having my feet firmly planted on the ground. Safe and secure. I don’t even like riding on the swings.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like adventure. Just on my terms.

We are still in the process of moving. Let me tell ya, that’s been loads and loads of fun (I’m being very sarcastic).

I love looking at homes, the problem is that I fall in love with one and then it slips through our fingers like sand in an hour glass. Then the process starts all over again. Picturing our family in one home having Christmas and birthdays, then like a thief in the night all those dreams get stolen by the real world.

Depressing, I know.

So on to happier, I hope, news. A Haunting of Magnolia is coming along. The ladies have truly got their hands full with this one. There are new characters and a brand new adventure, with plenty of ups and downs of its own. I like twists and turns in my stories, just not in real life.

If you’ve read the first book of the series, Magnolia Magic, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

My newsletter will be coming out at the end of the year with all my plans for 2021! You can sign up by emailing me aechewningauthor@gmail.com and just put NEWSLETTER in the subject line.

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This year feels a little different

I know what you’re thinking, and yes I know how much that statement has been run into the ground and repeated over and over, but it really is different.

Our kids normally enjoy trick or treating on Halloween around whatever neighborhood we happen to be living in and last year they had so much fun that we were all excited for Halloween 2020. It was great! Almost every house participated, handing out candy or decorating their houses like nobody’s business.

One house even had an old hearse in the yard!

We discussed how we would decorate the house and maybe even host a haunted house for 2020. I love to scare people. Actually, the whole family has a history of feeling the need to jump scare random family members on any day of the week, so this was right up our alley.

Needless to say, none of that is happening.

To be honest, I don’t even want to pull out one Halloween decoration much less create a the fabulous haunted house for all to enjoy.

It’s not the pandemic that has halted our Halloween plans.

We are moving in a month and most of our stuff is boxed up and in the garage. I know where the Halloween decorations are, I’m just too tired to dig my way through the other boxes to get to them.

We are in the process of trying to find and buy a home in a totally different state.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for our next chapter, it’s just hard turning the pages to get there.

I know that once we are settled into our new house and I’ve got the office all set up, that all of the struggles and stress that we have been going through will seem like a lifetime away.

Next year, we are definitely decorating for Halloween and might even host that fabulous haunted house in our new neighborhood.

Until then, I’d love to see your Halloween decorations! Feel free to post them on my Facebook page!

Happy Halloween!

A. E.

P.S. Stay tuned for updates on our new home!

Hello y’all!

It’s been a little while since I’ve even thought about writing in my blog. There’s been a ton of things going on and doing life in the midst of a pandemic has turned out to make things seem even more frantic. Who else besides me feels like they are juggling twenty things at once? Anyone?

I know there are more than just a few of you out there that feel the same way.

We began this year with all four kids homeschooling. Every one is in virtual learning mode. I don’t mind them being at home, for the most part, but there are those times that I miss the solitude of writing in a quiet house. Those moments are few and far between nowadays.

I’m constantly needed. Which leaves very little time to delve into the worlds that I long to create.

However, and not to sound so doom and gloom, I have written the first book of my new series, Magnolia. It’s up for preorder, just click here for more info. (you like that little plug?)

I also did my first collaboration with the wonderful and talented author, M.L. Bullock. We released our first book together as part of a new series, Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things. If you like the t.v. show Haunted Collector you are gonna love this. The first book in the series is called, A Cup of Shadows and you can order it by clicking here. (another shameless plug) Writing with M.L. Bullock has been a wonderful experience and I just love the story and characters in the first book. Book two is in the works and trust me you’re gonna want to read that one too.

Back to the Magnolia series.

The first book , Magnolia Magic is a little different from The Hidden Curse Trilogy. It has a little more humor and was written for forty something year old women like me. I wanted to wander into the paranormal with just a twist of humor and thought why not throw in some fabulous forty experiences. Forties are not for the weak. There are humorous and tragic incidents that happen almost everyday. You have to laugh at yourself, otherwise you’d be in bed crying all day.

Happy fall y’all and make sure to grab you a good book or two, a pumpkin spice latte and a cozy blanket to make it through.

Happy reading!


Magnolia Magic

Shelley Stewart and her friends seem like your typical forty-something year old moms, struggling with balancing life and maintaining their sanity. If it wasn’t for their close knit group, they would have lost it a long time ago.

It’s hard trying to maintain the facade of the perfect PTA and soccer mom while hiding a somewhat dark secret.

Follow the women of Magnolia, Alabama as they try to navigate the fabulous forties, family life, and keeping their secrets hidden from their small town. Especially after one of them does something that might expose everything sending them on a quest to undo what she has done.

Will they be able to keep the secrets of the coven under wraps? 

Can they save themselves from losing the normal lives they have in this small Southern town?

Find out in Magnolia Magic, Book One of the Magnolia Series.

The relaunch of Emmie’s story is happening this week! The cover had been revealed and the books will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble by this weekend.

E-book will be available on Wednesday!

Thank you all for your continued support!

Happy reading!


I absolutely fell in love with Emmie and her story. It meant a lot to me and I wanted to get it out there into world. It felt good, to be honest, to publish my first book.

However, after I got it out into the world and let it rest for a little while, I discovered that there was more that I could do for the readers. I wanted to polish it up and make it even better.

Emmie’s story needed to have her view point. After some soul searching and growth as an writer during the second novel, I began changing The Hidden Curse to better suite my idea of where I wanted to take Emmie and her friends (and enemies).

I will be sending out the second edition of The Hidden Curse under a new name and new design out into the world soon. I’m excited to give the readers a whole new and polished book.

This new series will be called The Hidden Curse Trilogy. New Covers, new point of views but with the same story line.

If you’ve read the first book and you’ve loved it, you will be able to read the second and third book with no problems, but I would encourage you to read the second edition. Only because I feel like I’ve polished the story and you will have a better understanding of Emmie. It’s her journey through her eyes.

Either way, I hope that you continue to enjoy The Hidden Curse Trilogy and Emmie’s journey.

Happy Reading!

~ Ashley

The new cover is coming along. I keep getting new ideas for the cover, because I keep doing research and finding out interesting details.

I find that creating the cover, helps me go even further into the world I’m creating. The cover creation also gives me a little artistic break. I get to switch my creative gears for a little bit.

This cover is a little different from what I created for the first novel. Again, after looking more into how authors, that have a few books under their belts create their covers, I found that the The Hidden Curse, although nice, lacked a few key elements.

I’m about halfway through with The Hidden Gift and have also started writing a few other books that I hope to release soon.

Make sure to sign up for my newsletter or become a member through the website to receive your FREE preview of The Hidden Curse!

Happy reading,


the creative process of creating covers for the Illusion Series

Welcome to the first blog post!

I’m very excited to introduce my debut novel for the Illusion Series!

Here’s some insight into what went into creating the cover for The Hidden Curse.

First off, if you are reading this it is likely that you follow me on Facebook or IG and were part of the creative process for the cover so a HUGE THANK YOU for participating in my posts!

It’s not easy trying to create something that will inspire readers to read your story and keep with the overall idea and theme of the book. There are parts of this cover that are very personal symbols to me which made it hard to let go of for the book and so they remain.

The rose and the keys are significant to the story. The rose represents the family member who inspired the story. I wanted to place her in the hearts of readers, even though they may never know her true identity. For me, making her immortal within my writings was part of what I wanted to achieve within this book.

The keys, as many of the Facebook readers caught onto, symbolizes something that is hidden within the story that will be revealed as you delve deeper into Emmie’s journey.

There’s also a hidden symbol in the cover because I like a good mystery and thought it would be fun to see if any of the readers could find it. Please feel free to send me a message if you can find the symbol and know what it means.

I hope that you all enjoy The Hidden Curse and thank you again for going on this journey with me and my characters!

Happy Reading,