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the creative process of creating covers for the Illusion Series

Welcome to the first blog post!

I’m very excited to introduce my debut novel for the Illusion Series!

Here’s some insight into what went into creating the cover for The Hidden Curse.

First off, if you are reading this it is likely that you follow me on Facebook or IG and were part of the creative process for the cover so a HUGE THANK YOU for participating in my posts!

It’s not easy trying to create something that will inspire readers to read your story and keep with the overall idea and theme of the book. There are parts of this cover that are very personal symbols to me which made it hard to let go of for the book and so they remain.

The rose and the keys are significant to the story. The rose represents the family member who inspired the story. I wanted to place her in the hearts of readers, even though they may never know her true identity. For me, making her immortal within my writings was part of what I wanted to achieve within this book.

The keys, as many of the Facebook readers caught onto, symbolizes something that is hidden within the story that will be revealed as you delve deeper into Emmie’s journey.

There’s also a hidden symbol in the cover because I like a good mystery and thought it would be fun to see if any of the readers could find it. Please feel free to send me a message if you can find the symbol and know what it means.

I hope that you all enjoy The Hidden Curse and thank you again for going on this journey with me and my characters!

Happy Reading,


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