A. E. Chewning

Author, Actress and Adventurer

I absolutely fell in love with Emmie and her story. It meant a lot to me and I wanted to get it out there into world. It felt good, to be honest, to publish my first book.

However, after I got it out into the world and let it rest for a little while, I discovered that there was more that I could do for the readers. I wanted to polish it up and make it even better.

Emmie’s story needed to have her view point. After some soul searching and growth as an writer during the second novel, I began changing The Hidden Curse to better suite my idea of where I wanted to take Emmie and her friends (and enemies).

I will be sending out the second edition of The Hidden Curse under a new name and new design out into the world soon. I’m excited to give the readers a whole new and polished book.

This new series will be called The Hidden Curse Trilogy. New Covers, new point of views but with the same story line.

If you’ve read the first book and you’ve loved it, you will be able to read the second and third book with no problems, but I would encourage you to read the second edition. Only because I feel like I’ve polished the story and you will have a better understanding of Emmie. It’s her journey through her eyes.

Either way, I hope that you continue to enjoy The Hidden Curse Trilogy and Emmie’s journey.

Happy Reading!

~ Ashley

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