A. E. Chewning

Author, Actress and Adventurer

October brings on the spookiness vibe for everyone. Doesn’t it?

The air is crisper, leaves are falling and things just start to take on that magical, mystical feel. Which leads us right into the thankful season and then onto the even more magical season of Christmas. October is like the prequel into a the world of magical little blessings. That may be a weird view of trying to connect the two, but hey it’s that kind of season.

At any rate, here we are in the middle of October and there’s so much going on that I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll start with the most exciting news. M.L. Bullock and I are releasing The Ghost Mirror: Book Four of the Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things series.

Another paranormal storm brews over Mobile’s most terrifying antique shop–Devecheaux Antiques!

Aggie gets a cryptic message from her sister, Patrice but nothing could have prepared her for the chilling events that were about to unfold. Patrice has fallen for Philip Arnaud, a man whom Aggie suspects has lived before. Once Aggie makes contact with a strange mirror, she sees the true story. The ghost of a long-dead princess is attached to the mirror.

And she wants to live again!

When Patrice and the silver Hawkins mirror disappear from Devecheaux Antiques, the Devecheauxs, Aggie and Phoenix do their best to save her before it is too late.

Can it be that the Hawkins mirror has the power to bring back the dead? Is it a portal?

Is Philip Arnaud a true supernatural being?

What will it take to break the hold Philip has over Patrice? Luckily, Phoenix has a contact that is familiar with Philip Arnaud but will it be enough to keep Philip at bay, or will Patrice be lost forever?

You can preorder it here.

I also released A Haunting in Magnolia: Book Two of the Magnolia series, finally. It only took me a year to get it finished.

The small town of Magnolia is hiding more secrets than Shelley Stewart and her friends ever expected. A paranormal awakening leads the women into an investigation of a missing person and exposes an unexpected supernatural ally.

Who is haunting Jane Gates and her daughter, Faye? Is an unsolved murder connected to Jane’s house causing all the paranormal events, or is it something much more sinister?

What other secrets is Magnolia hiding?

You can purchase that book here.

In other non-book news…I will be going on my first paranormal investigation at the end of this month with the Searchers group. You can find out more information about them and all of their events by going to their Facebook page.

Until next time!

Happy Reading,


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