A. E. Chewning

Author, Actress and Adventurer

Author, actress and adventure seeker A. E. Chewning combines her love of history and the paranormal within the pages of her books.Beginning with her debut series, The Hidden Curse Trilogy and continuing with the newest series Magnolia. A. E. Chewning has also begun a collaboration with friend and fellow author M.L. Bullock that delves into the world of haunted things and an otherworldly antique store.

The seeds for her passion of storytelling and reading were planted when she  was a child, when her mother spent many nights reading wonderful tales of adventure. 

As an adult, she found herself immersed in the world of storytelling again by performing as a hula dancer in Hawaii and then as an actor in a few roles in both theatre and television. 

The paranormal experiences she had throughout childhood in Mobile, Alabama created an insatiable curiosity to continue to explore the unexplained as an adult.

Growing up in the South and traveling to other parts of the country, A.E. Chewning has had the opportunity to gather an abundant collection of colorful personalities to develop into enduring or not-so likable characters.

Currently living in Athens, Alabama and still happily surrounded by history–and the many spirits of the past–A.E. Chewning has all the inspiration she needs to tell her stories and give life to the people time has forgotten.

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