A. E. Chewning

Author, Actress and Adventurer

Emmie Phillips’ life is turned upside down after a series of unexplained events in her childhood launch her into the world of the paranormal as she “slips” into the past.

Searching for answers as an adult, Emmie reaches out for help to control her time slips and finds herself part of a paranormal investigation steeped in the mysterious realm of New Orleans voodoo.

An inherited talisman is the only key to her family’s past and her future.

Come join Emmie on her journey to unravel the secrets and mysteries lurking in the Shadows of Time – The Hidden Curse Trilogy.

Click here to order Shadows of Time – Book I of The Hidden Curse Trilogy

Emmie Phillips’ journey continues as she begins to uncover the truth behind her inherited talisman and its connection to the supernatural world of New Orleans voodoo.

After a paranormal encounter, Emmie finds herself searching for a lost amulet that holds the key to the magic that’s causing turmoil within the spirit world.

Dealing with the past disappointment of a manipulative mentor, she tries to regain what little self-confidence she has with her time slip abilities in order to keep her promise to the ghostly presence that haunts her. 

Will she be able to find the object in time and unravel the clues it holds within it?

FiClick here to order Unraveling of Time – Book Two of The Hidden Curse Trilogy.

Emmie Phillips steps out of her comfort zone, leaving Alabama to travel to where her family’s story begins. There, she hopes to decipher some mysterious symbols in the journals she inherited from her grandmother. When she discovers that the symbols are also a code, she searches for the connection to her ancestors.

Her journey is cut short by a visit from a mysterious but familiar spirit, forcing her to return home with more questions about the world of the supernatural.

Will she be able to break the code and find the connection? Will the spirit be revealed?
Find out in Journey Through Time – Book Three of The Hidden Curse Trilogy. Click here to order.

BONUS: Get a sneak peek of my upcoming Magnolia series with an excerpt from Book One – Magnolia Magic when you purchase Journey Through Time.

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New and Upcoming Releases

Book One

NEW SERIES collaboration with Author M.L. Bullock!!! Pre-Order is available now and will be released by September 30th!! Click here to order.

Henri and Detra Ann have poured their hearts into making their dream a reality–Devecheaux Antiques is open for business. But managing this kind of shop will require more than a business degree and a good eye for hard to find items. Haunted things have a nasty habit of making their way to this paranormal landmark. Trying to escape the shadows of the past, Detra Ann finds herself immersed in a paranormal investigation, but this time it’s different. She can’t run from the supernatural. Detra Ann must take a stand and allow the dead to speak.

The Devecheauxs’ new assistant, Mary Agnes Kelly–she prefers Aggie, is the one that’s hiding secrets. When a curious object in the shop goes missing, Aggie’s abilities are exposed and she is thrust into a world of vengeance, murder and the afterlife. The college student will have to muster all her courage to face down the ghosts of Devecheaux Antiques–and her own demons.

Opening the door to the paranormal, Aggie comes face to face with a spirit close to Detra Ann’s heart, leading them both to reveal what happened in the past and help the unhappy ghost rest in peace.

Will Detra Ann and Aggie be able to expose the truth or will all be lost in the shadows of history?

Find out in A Cup of Shadows by authors M.L. Bullock and A.E. Chewning. A Cup of Shadows in Book One in their new series Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things. If you love Seven Sisters, Idlewood and Haunted Gracefield, you’ll enjoy reading A Cup of Shadows.

You can find out more about author M.L. Bullock and all of her other spine tingling, paranormal series by going to her website.

Book Two: Order today!

When you look for ghosts, you’re sure to find them!

Can a family curse reach across time? When Aggie and Henri come in contact with a haunted radio, they hear Kathleen’s pitiful pleas, but can they help her? The ghostly woman’s weeping puts Aggie back to work using her paranormal gifts…can the rookie psychic make the spiritual connection? Will she be able to help the spirit make peace with her past? Is Henri prepared to face his own history?

Henri discovers he has a unique connection to the forgotten family line and takes on the responsibility of bringing peace to restless souls. Will he be able to keep his family safe while paying homage to a forgotten hero?

The paranormal stakes are high in Book Two of Devecheaux Antiques. Click here to order your copy today!

What readers are saying about this series:

“Definitely held my interest throughout the book. I loved the characters and truly hope this will become a series of books. There are more options for scary stories within! Reminds me of the tv series Friday the 13th with the older man and guy and girl who collected haunted objects.”

“This book is by far one of my favorites. I can say that I have had such an amazing day reading this book. I can’t wait till the next one is ready. Prepare to tune out the world and be engulfed in this story.”

“I can’t wait to see where this series goes and I was actually surprised and disappointed when I saw the word epilogue! I always hate the end of M. L. ‘s books and A E. has a similar writing style so it flowed together and I loved getting to know Aggie! I can’t wait for the next book where hopefully we’ll learn more about her personality and life.”

The south’s spookiest antique store offers another haunting artifact.

The Devecheauxs take ownership of an unusual collection of statuary, but these heartbreaking tributes to the dead come with an unwanted attachment. A ghost that could potentially harm Chloe by teaching her dangerous things—like how to play with fire.

When Phoenix and Aggie detect the threat, they put their skills to the test to prove their theory that the ghost child isn’t merely that. They could be dealing with something far more dangerous.

Patrice has an experience of her own—one that shakes her beliefs to the core while Detra Ann makes a long overdue decision. Enjoy another haunting visit to Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things.

You’re sure to find something that frightens you. A Watch of Weeping Angels is Book Three in this exciting series by authors M.L. Bullock and A.E. Chewning. Pre-Order your copy today!!



Shelley Stewart and her friends seem like your typical fortysomething moms, struggling with balancing life and maintaining their sanity. If not for their close-knit group, they would have lost it a long time ago. It’s hard trying to maintain the facade of the perfect PTA mom while hiding a somewhat dark secret.

Follow the women of Magnolia, Alabama, as they try to navigate the fabulous forties, family life, and keeping their secrets hidden from their small town. Especially after one of them does something that might expose everything, sending them on a quest to undo what she has done.

Will they be able to keep the secrets of the coven under wraps? Can they save themselves from losing the normal lives they have created in this small Southern town?

Find out in Magnolia Magic, Book One of the Magnolia Series.

Non-fiction Co-Author collaboration

The Radiant One – Kau’i Dalire

Order Here:

It’s a very Hawaiian way of thinking.
Planting yourself firmly in the present with your back to the future and your eyes fixed on the past seeking knowledge and wisdom for what you face today.

Finding your purpose while in the middle of one of the most well-known families in Hawai‘i makes life a little, well, challenging.

In The Radiant One, Kumu Hula and extraordinary Mamager (mom and manager) Kau‘i Dalire gives us a peek into the beautiful enigma of hula and the Hawaiian culture.

She shares her story of growing up in a family destined to be crowned the royal family of hula. Readers will get a glimpse into intimate details of what it’s like to be a part of that family chasing legacy and learn about the struggles Kau‘i endures while trying to create her own path within the world of Hawaiian music, dance and culture.

Follow this modern-day Hawaiian wahine (woman) through her journey of self-discovery, the traumatic loss of both her mother and her son, the legacy of her family, and the many adventures she’s had while sharing the Hawaiian culture around the world.

Life is hula and hula is life, so dance on.
Dance your greatest story.

For more information, please email theradiantonehawaii@gmail.com or go to ikumuhula.com

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