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Renowned author and actress, A. E. Chewning, has masterfully intertwined her interests in history, narrative arts, and the supernatural to create enthralling novels that have gripped her readers. Her dedication to her craft and passion for storytelling have led to a string of successful publications, making her a standout talent in the world of literature.

Chewning embarked on her literary journey in 2020, launching her career with a thrilling trilogy titled The Hidden Curse. Since then, she has continued to weave complex narratives in various formats such as novels and novellas, becoming a celebrated author in the process. Her most notable creations include the Magnolia Magic series, The Society of the Supernatural, and Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things. Chewning’s storytelling expertise has been recognized and applauded by reputable entities such as the Georgia-based Southern Woman magazine and the online publication, Book Brush.

As a child, Chewning was captivated by her mother’s enchanting bedtime stories. This early love for narratives fueled her future endeavors in storytelling, inspiring her to craft unique tales, complex characters, and imaginative worlds.

Currently, Chewning is working on several engaging projects. Her soon-to-be-released standalone novel, Project Alice, is set to take readers on a mind-bending journey into the world of conspiracy theories and Hollywood. Alongside co-author M.L. Bullock, she’s also putting the finishing touches on the highly awaited seventh installment of the Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things series, titled Kalliope’s Dollhouse. With the Devecheaux book already up for pre-order on Amazon, readers can anticipate a thrilling blend of historical references, paranormal elements, and captivating storytelling in these forthcoming releases.

Apart from her writing exploits, Chewning has also found success in acting, securing roles in theatrical productions and television shows. She has showcased her acting talents in renowned productions such as Annie and Thoroughly Modern Millie and has made appearances on the popular show, Hawaii Five-0. Her versatility even extends to performing hula dances at several venues across Hawaii and the United States.

Chewning’s fascination with the unknown has also led her to research and explore various myths and legends. Growing up in Mobile, Alabama, her experiences with the paranormal sparked her interest and led her to join two paranormal investigation teams. These endeavors have enabled her to visit haunted locations in Alabama and Tennessee, further fueling her understanding of the supernatural.

Currently based in Athens, Alabama, Chewning draws upon the rich history and ghostly tales of the region to inspire her works. Her collaborations with other authors and expeditions to haunted sites infuse her narratives with a sense of authenticity and intrigue.

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